Time zone bot improvements

The time zone bot for Discord has been live for almost a year now. The original version was really basic and only supported !get and !create commands which answered with a countdown and a simple "X hours and Y minutes until Z happens". But now there are some more useful commands

New !convert command

I got a lot feedback about the bot and the most requested feature was a convert method, that would allow you to convert time from time zone X to other time zones. So I listened and delivered the discord bot now support a !convert command like this "!convert [time] [timezone] to [timezone(s)] --- e.g. !convert 12pm PST to EST". And it also supports multiple time zones so you can call it also like this "e.g. !convert 12pm PST to EST CST GMT+1".

New !toUTC command

The !toUTC command is also new and a faster/cleaner way to do the conversions for the UTC time zone. You can use it like this "!toUTC [time] [timezone] --- e.g. !toUTC 12pm PST"

Support for country and city names

Another often requested feature was adding country and city names support. So that's what I did, now you can call the methods also with popular country and city names, like this "!get 6 PM Helsinki" or "!convert 5pm UTC to Helsinki". You no longer have to remember stupid timezone abbreviations, just enter a city or country name and it just works.

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