If you are a developer looking for an easy to use countdown API we have got you covered.

Create new countdowns with our JSON API

You can create new countdowns easily with our API. You have to provide the date, event name and event link (optional).

The API requires a key to use. You can request an API key by contacting us at

How to use the API?

The api currently doesn't have a specific endpoint, the endpoint is just


You can create a new countdown by creating POST request to the url{api-key} It accepts only JSON data, on the body you should provide the following:

{date: "YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss+utcoffset", eventname: "example", foundtime: "9 PM UTC", eventlink: ""}

The eventlink is optional all other are required please note that the date format is important, example date "2018-06-07 13:30:00+02:00". All the data should be provided as strings. The API responds to you in plain text the "id" of the countdown where you can access the countdown:{id}


By calling /gettime/{id} (id is the countdown id that is found on the url or you receive it as response when you call /createnew) you can receive the countdowns event date. It doesn't calculate the difference it provides the date that you or the user has entered.