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About Countle

Countle is the home for countdowns. Originally the site was created for our many timezone bots to host all the countdowns those generated. Nowdays it also allows creating of countdowns directly from here. All you have to do is paste the text you found and we will parse the date, time and timezone from it. The time zone bots and Countle together make it easier to know when a certain event happens. In the Internet people use different time zones and live in different areas. It's difficult to change times to different time zones and take into account daylight savings etc. Which is why I created Countle and the Time zone bot, to make it easier.

About /u/the_timezone_bot

/u/the_timezone_bot is a Reddit bot that parses new posts and comments looking for times with time zones. The bot then tries to make sure that the found time is for today and not for some other date. After that it calculates the difference between the found time and current time. Posts a comment with the time difference and a link to this website where people can see the active countdown.

You can read more about the time zone bot and how it works from our blog, How the timezone bot works?