Python and Reddit Bots

Python is one of my favorite languages. It's very easy to use, because the syntax is self-descriptive, which makes the code more readable and self-documenting. Also with Python, development seems to be quite fast and you can get first prototypes quickly running. It of course has disadvantages too like performance and the logic for larger enterprise scale software, but we aren't interested in that now. For bots and especially Reddit bots Python is one of the best languages to use.

Why is Python so good for Reddit bots?

Python is, in my opinion, the best language for Reddit bots. Python offers thousands of useful modules and the community developing those is very active and helpful. If you are looking to do something there is likely a module for it. Modules make your life so much easier and speed up developing. You shouldn't invent the wheel again (only for practice purposes) and waste time that you could use developing your own software and making it work.

PRAW module for the Reddit API

If you are looking to create a Reddit bot with Python, you should take a look at the PRAW module. It makes using the Reddit API (the part that communicates with your bot and Reddit) so much easier and faster. It has helpful functions and classes for example users, submissions and comments. Of course you can use the Reddit API without it and in some very specialized cases it's better to use it without modules, but for normal use PRAW makes your life so much easier. One problem I had with authentication was solved with couple lines with PRAW and yes there was a tutorial on the PRAW's documentation page how to authenticate and basic examples about everything.

Other modules

Other modules for the Reddit bot and bots in general really depends on what your bot does and needs.

Python is the most used language for bots

Python is the go-to language for most bot developers. Which is why you can find tutorials for nearly everything, it also helps if you get stuck as it is more likely that someone has had the same problem if you are using a popular language. However if you feel that you aren't comfortable with Python I bet that you can do a great job with many other languages too. After all, you will more likely complete the project, if you enjoy the process and creation, the language isn't the only part of it, but an important one.

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